The social organization of ground stone production, distribution, and consumption in the Quijos Valley, Eastern Ecuador

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Freeman, Brett W
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Anthropology, c2011
This thesis explores the Quijos Valley ground stone economy in relation to broader social, political, and economic aspects of the Quijos chiefdoms during the Late Period (AD 500 – 1500). In particular, this research examines the extent to which ground stone craft production was a dimension of social differentiation during a period marked by the greatest sociopolitical transformations. Ultimately, this research suggests that Late Period ground stone production was an independent and part-time household activity, and not an avenue of elite aggrandizement. However, aspects of this research have aimed to show that certain forms of ground stone were important implements of household maintenance, both socially and economically. This research is embedded within the Quijos Valley Regional Archaeological Project (QVRAP) and has aimed to contribute to our understanding of the development of social complexity within this region, as well as contributing to our understanding of ground stone craft production more generally.
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Stone implements --Ecuador -- Quijos River Valley , Chiefdoms -- Ecuador -- Quijos River Valley -- History , Social change -- Ecuador -- Quijos River Valley -- History , Quijos River Valley (Ecuador) -- Antiquities , Dissertations, Academic