Continuing care in rural Alberta: a scoping review

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Brassolotto, Julia
Haney, Carly-Ann
Hallstrom, Lars K.
Scott, David R.
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Across Canada the demand for continuing care services is increasing. However, little is known about the implications this has for rural communities. This scoping review identifies several key themes in the literature related to continuing care in Alberta. These include contextual factors, quality assurance and improvement, and workforce issues. We identify the ways in which rural dynamics are included in, or omitted from, this literature and recommend areas for future research on rural continuing care provision. Further research on residential care services in rural communities should work towards bridging the rural health, academic, and organizational literature on continuing care. This synthesis will help to position rurality as a determinant of health and to situate continuing care services in specific rural settings.
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Alberta , Continuing care , Long-term care , Rural
Brassolotto, J., Haney, C., Hallstrom, L., & Scott, D. R. (2018). Continuing care in rural Alberta: A scoping review. The Canadian Geographer, xx(xx), 1-12. doi:10.1111/cag.12487