Native American Women, Past, Present and Future

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Popick, Jacqui
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Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal
Native American women traditionally belonged to a culture that gave them respect and where they had power, autonomy and equality. Through the last hundred years and due to European colonization they have lost all that they had. Presently Aboriginal women suffer from a high rate of poverty. They also experience racism and sexism from Western cultures and have even lost respect from their own culture. European legislations, reserve life and residential schools have led to a loss of language, culture, family and self-esteem. But Native American women are the hope of the future for their culture. Native women are making visible efforts to renew traditions and to improve education, through self rule and by healing from within the culture itself. They are a strong group who will not quit fighting for their people because they are still the nurturers, counselors, spiritual and medical healers and providers of the First Nations People.
Indigenous women - North America
Popick, Jacqui (2006). Native American Women, Past, Present and Future. Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal, 1(1).