Transformative filmmaking in resettlement : refugees addressing acculturation gaps, concordance, and cohesion in Canada

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Bingley, Jeffrey P.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science
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Lethbridge, Alta : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Sociology
This research looks at the potential of community film-making as an acculturation resource for use by resettling refugees. It explores the questions: How does participatory filmmaking affect intergenerational tension towards second-culture acquisition, and how does screening refugee-authored film affect community cohesion? The participants' reflections on the process of heritage re-mediation through oral history filmmaking and collective narrative are shared. Discussions throughout the development of Bhutanese refugee community-authored educational documentary evolve into this practice of refugees using video production to ease integration. Audiences also provide data to the research. It appears that CFAP creates opportunity to build bridges through heritage storytelling, to the host community’s social network resulting in trust and social inclusion. Simultaneously the process seems to help the refugee community by mitigating losses, and helping intergenerational relationships. The practice of Community Filmmaking for Acculturation Purposes is developed. The process appears to moderate acculturative family distancing, and enhance community cohesion.
migration , Acculturation , Integration , acculturation gaps , acculturative family distancing (AFD) , diversity , community cohesion , social capital , visual ethnography , Participatory Action Research , Community Filmmaking for Acculturation Purposes (CFAP) , community cinema , indigenous cinema , cultural trauma , culture shock , community development , intercultural relations , cross-cultural relations , social investment , social cohesion , sociology of migration , sociology of media and migration , refugee integration , refugee resettlement , Acculturation Concordance , refugee , settlement services , multiculturalism