Report of the household survey: La Ronge, SK

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Reimer, William
Townshend, Ivan
Edge, Dana
Lightfoot, Nancy
Kimmel, Ainslee
Hosgood, Emma
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University of Lethbridge
Mounting concerns about individual and community preparedness for disasters are being voiced, in part because natural disasters are increasing. In Canada, circumstances such as pine beetle infestations, reduced precipitation coupled with above normal tem-peratures, and an increased number of homes in forested areas contribute to the in-creased occurrence of wildfires and their impact on humans. In order to understand community responses to wildfires, a mixed method study was conducted (2008-2010) in two communities in western Canada: Barriere, British Columbia and La Ronge, Sas-katchewan ( These two communities were selected since they had en-dured wildfires that resulted in community evacuation with significant loss of property (McClure fire in BC, 2003; and, Mallard fire in SK, 1999).
La Ronge , wildfire , community resiliency , rural settlements , disaster , household survey
Kulig, J., Reimer, W., Townshend, I., Edge, D., Lightfoot, N., Kimmel, A., Hosgood, E. (2010). Report of the Household Survey: La Ronge, SK. Lethbridge, Alberta. University of Lethbridge