Heuristic algorithms for wireless mesh network planning

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Khaled, Shah Mostafa
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, c2012
Technologies like IEEE 802.16j wireless mesh networks are drawing increasing attention of the research community. Mesh networks are economically viable and may extend services such as Internet to remote locations. This thesis takes interest into a planning problem in IEEE 802.16j networks, where we need to establish minimum cost relay and base stations to cover the bandwidth demand of wireless clients. A special feature of this planning problem is that any node in this network can send data to at most one node towards the next hop, thus traffic flow is unsplittable from source to destination. We study different integer programming formulations of the problem. We propose four types of heuristic algorithms that uses greedy, local search, variable neighborhood search and Lagrangian relaxation based approaches for the problem. We evaluate the algorithms on database of network instances of 500-5000 nodes, some of which are randomly generated network instances, while other network instances are generated over geometric distribution. Our experiments show that the proposed algorithms produce satisfactory result compared to benchmarks produced by generalized optimization problem solver software.
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Heuristic algorithms , Wireless communication systems , Network analysis (Planning) , IEEE 802.16 (Standard)