The elucidation of stress memory inheritance in Brassica rapa plants

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Bilichak, Andriy
Ilnytskyy, Yaroslav
Woycicki, Rafal
Kepeshchuk, Nina
Fogen, Dawson
Kovalchuk, Igor
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Frontiers Media
Plants are able to maintain the memory of stress exposure throughout their ontogenesis and faithfully propagate it into the next generation. Recent evidence argues for the epigenetic nature of this phenomenon. Small RNAs (smRNAs) are one of the vital epigenetic factors because they can both affect gene expression at the place of their generation and maintain non-cell-autonomous gene regulation. Here, we have made an attempt to decipher the contribution of smRNAs to the heat-shock-induced transgenerational inheritance in Brassica rapa plants using sequencing technology. To do this, we have generated comprehensive profiles of a transcriptome and a small RNAome (smRNAome) from somatic and reproductive tissues of stressed plants and their untreated progeny. We have demonstrated that the highest tissue-specific alterations in the transcriptome and smRNAome profile are detected in tissues that were not directly exposed to stress, namely, in the endosperm and pollen. Importantly, we have revealed that the progeny of stressed plants exhibit the highest fluctuations at the smRNAome level but not at the transcriptome level. Additionally,we have uncovered the existence of heat-inducible and transgenerationally transmitted tRNA-derived small RNA fragments in plants. Finally,we suggest that miR168 and braAGO1 are involved in the stress-induced transgenerational inheritance in plants
Sherpa Romeo green journal: open access
Epigenetics , Transcriptome , Small RNAs , B. rapa , Transgenerational inheritance
Bilichak, A., Ilnytskyy, Y., Woycicki, R., Kepeshchuk, N., Fogen, D., & Kovalchuk, I. (2015). The elucidation of stress memory inheritance in Brassica rapa plants. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6(5). doi:10.3389/fpls.2015.00005