Transformation of narcissism : what is the process of transforming narcissism for men who have been abusive?

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Renard, Lucien Duffy
University of Lethbridge. School of Health Sciences
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, School of Health Sciences, 2007
Narcissism is an incomplete stage of development causing narcissistic rage and injury to oneself and others. The narcissistic self is one of humiliation and of being powerless. A phenomenological hermeneutic research format was used to investigate and understand the lived experience of men who have been abusive and are transforming their narcissism. The phenomenon being investigated was approached with respect and sensitivity in understanding the actual lived experiences of the co-researchers. Under this template, research interviews were conducted with six male co-researchers, which produced eight themes. A summary of the findings was provided along with a look at the limitations of this study and implications for counseling that this study may have. My hypothesis is that the incomplete development of the narcissistic person can be overcome through the restoration of feeling, and also through realization of one’s most deepest and essential nature.
vii, 177 leaves ; 29 cm.
Dissertations, Academic , Narcissism , Borderline personality disorder -- Treatment , Abusive men -- Psychology