Transforming the deep past : a phenomenological hermeneutic investigation of the journey through healing trauma and the quest for wholeness

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Gaetz, Cindy L.
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2013
A phenomenological-hermeneutic method of research was employed to determine the nature of the lived experiences of adults as they transformed past-life trauma into wholeness in this life and the associated meanings attached to these experiences. Upon completion of the analysis, five distinct parts and 16 themes emerged. The themes illuminate the significance of childhood developmental trauma on the developing ego; the resulting splits of self; and the impact and manifestations of rejection, neglect, isolation, and abandonment within all life stages. Also illustrated is the journey through the healing of past-life and current-life trauma and the embracement of the non-dual path. The findings of this study appear to indicate that past-life regression and the non-dual perspective are beneficial healing paradigms for individuals who have experienced physical, sexual, and emotional trauma during childhood development. Keywords: healing, past-life, past life, regression, non-duality, nonduality
x, 217 leaves ; 29 cm
Transpersonal psychology , Self-actualization (Psychology) , Reincarnation therapy , Dissertations, Academic