School survey results Slave Lake, AB 2012 technical report

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Townshend, Ivan
Awosoga, Olu A.
Shepard, Blythe
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University of Lethbridge
The objective of the school survey was to examine the impacts of the fire on children, and particularly the manifestation of post-traumatic stress and coping difficulties, and to explore changes in these characteristics through time. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by reliving a psychologically traumatic situation, long after any physical danger involved has passed, through flashbacks and nightmares. Other psychiatric, social, or behavioural disorders may also manifest as a result of such trauma. The research team provided input into the questionnaire design over the months of August 2011 to November 2011. Where possible, previously tested and robust survey items were incorporated into the body of the questionnaire. In this case, we included two well-known and robust screening instruments: one to screen for post traumatic stress, and the other to identify strengths and difficulties.
Schools--Alberta--Slave Lake--Surveys , Post-traumatic stress disorder--Surveys , Post-traumatic stress disorder in children--Surveys , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Social aspects--Surveys , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Psychological aspects--Surveys
Kulig, J., Pujadas-Botey, A., Townshend, I., Awosoga, O., Shepard, B., Edge, D., Reimer, W., Lightfoot, N., Smolenski, S. (2012). Report of the School Survey: Slave Lake, AB. Lethbridge, Alberta. University of Lethbridge. Additional electronic copies may be obtained from: