Students generating curriculum

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Place, Cheryl
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Lethbridge, Alta. : Faculty of Education
This action research project contains a video and a written component to answer the question "What are the results when grade ones and twos are given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning by generating projects based on their interests?" The video demonstrates how capable and successful grade one and two students were when they were involved in generating curriculum. The significance of allowing students to design and to communicate a portion of their learning based on their interests is portrayed in the video. Throughout the video, research is included on the print screens and is elaborated on by the researcher's explanations. Clips of students are used to reinforce the research points and summaries are placed throughout each section of the video. There were two teachers, Dianne Fisher, the grade two teacher, and myself, the grade one teacher, involved in implementing generative curriculum with the students. Only I was involved in producing the video and writing the observations and the reflections that are included in this paper.
Education, Primary , Education, Primary -- Curricula , Student participation in curriculum planning