Tantric transformations, a non-dual journey from sexual trauma to wholeness : a phenomenological hermeneutics approach

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Lewis, Lisa
University of Lethbridge. School of Health Sciences
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, School of Health Sciences, 2007
This thesis explores the Tantric transformational journey from sexual trauma to wholeness. The research question offers to explain, “What are the experiences of women who have experienced sexual trauma and have embraced the non-dual path of Tantra as a transformational journey to wholeness?” A phenomenological hermeneutic method of study was used to investigate and understand themes that surfaced from the coparticipants narratives. The narratives were gathered from research interviews that were conducted with the six co-participants. From these interviews, thirteen themes emerged. The following themes are: 1) discovering sexuality, 2) trauma: splitting the soul in two, 3) the betrayal bond of trauma 4) from betrayal by others to the betrayal of self, 5) befriending the self, 6) sacred spot healing, 7) releasement: a catapult into presence, 8) saying ‘yes’ to pain, saying ‘yes’ to pleasure, 8) embracing the open sky of awareness, 9) the power of presence in the here and now, 10) total freedom in the always, already, available ‘now’, 11) sublime and mundane: merging into oneness, 12) non-dual: vastness of oneness 13) suchness of life. Finally, a summary of findings as well as limitations of this study and the implications of counselling are discussed.
viii, 175 leaves ; 29 cm. --
Sexual abuse victims -- Counseling of , Abused women -- Counseling of , Tantrism , Dissertations, Academic