Discreteness of space from GUP II: relativistic wave equations

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Das, Saurya
Vagenas, Elias C.
Ali, Ahmed Farag
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Various theories of Quantum Gravity predict modifications of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Prin- ciple near the Planck scale to a so-called Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP). In some recent papers, we showed that the GUP gives rise to corrections to the Schrdinger equation, which in turn affect all quantum mechanical Hamiltonians. In particular, by applying it to a particle in a one- dimensional box, we showed that the box length must be quantized in terms of a fundamental length (which could be the Planck length), which we interpreted as a signal of fundamental discreteness of space itself. In this Letter, we extend the above results to a relativistic particle in a rectangular as well as a spherical box, by solving the GUP-corrected KleinGordon and Dirac equations, and for the latter, to two and three dimensions. We again arrive at quantization of box length, area and volume and an indication of the fundamentally grainy nature of space. We discuss possible implications.
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Klein-Gordon equation , Dirac equation , GUP-corrected , Generalized uncertainty principle
Das, S., Vagenas, E. C., & Ali, A. F. (2010). Discreteness of space from GUP II: Relativistic wave equations. Physics Letters B, 690(4), 407-412. doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2010.05.052