The role of biomechanical parameters in upper-extremity musculoskeletal pain experienced by trombonists

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Garnett, Ronald Trent
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Health Sciences
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences
There is a paucity of scientific and pedagogical literature regarding biomechanical factors, including posture, balance and musculoskeletal kinetics, in trombonists. Few published guides address posture, most doing so in superficial manner, offering direction on holding the instrument, hand position and instrument angle, without evidence base. Low brass players report a significant prevalence of playing-related musculoskeletal problems, with left upper extremity pain frequently reported. A body of literature is evolving which explores biomechanical parameter significance in players of string and keyboard instruments, but present literature regarding this in trombonists has been limited primarily to electromyography (EMG). This study sought to establish and compare the relevance and validity of motion-capture, EMG and ground reaction force simultaneous measurement methodology in trombone players. Biomechanical parameters demonstrating higher inter-subject variability are outlined, with the goal of establishing the more relevant measures and a more-streamlined methodology for future biomechanical study of this population. Deviation from biomechanical norms is evaluated as a potential risk factor for pain.
trombone , upper extremity , musician , posture , balance , musculoskeletal , biomechanics , EMG , Trombonists--Wounds and injuries--Research , Posture , Equilibrium (Physiology) , Musculoskeletal system--Wounds and injuries , Biomechanics , Electromyography , Arm--Wounds and injuries--Research , Music--Performance--Physiological aspects , Performing arts medicine , Overuse injuries--Prevention--Research , Practicing (Music)--Physiological aspects , Kinesiology , Instrumentalists--Wounds and injuries--Prevention , Dissertations, Academic , Musicians--Wounds and injuries--Research