The non-dual experience : a phenomenological hermeneutic investigation of the seeker's journey towards wholeness

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Theriault, Brian
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2005
This thesis examines the psycho-spirtual transormations of the journey towards Wholeness. Two questions presented themselves asking "What are the actual themes that emerge from the stories of those on a journey" and "What are the transformational experiences encountered along a journey towards Wholeness?" A phenomenological hermeneutic research format was used to investigate and understand the particular themes that emerged from the co-researchers stories. This methodology allowed the researcher to approach the phenomenon being investigated with respect and sensitivity in honouring the actual lived experiences of the co-researchers. Under this framework, research interviews were conducted with nine co-researchers; seven men and two women, which produced a set of narratives depciting the lived experiences of those on a journey towards Wholeness. Through a hermeneutical analysis of the deep meanings embedded within each narrative a collection of sub-themes were arranged and from them nine major themes emerged. They included: 1) vulnerable beginnings, 2) a journey into the unkown, 3) journeying through relationships, 4) a turbulent encounter with ourselves, 5) the guru-disciple relationship, 6) exposing the root of suffering, 7) the end of seeking, 8) radical understanding, and 9) luminous impersonal existence. A summary of the findings was provided along with a look at the limitations of this study and the implications this study has in the counselling relationship. It is clear that the powerful experience of letting go to separate self existence, conventional notions of space and time, and the journey altogether leads to the understanding of Wholeness right here, right now.
vii, 177 leaves ; 28 cm.
Self-actualization (Psychology) , Whole and parts (Philosophy) , Dissertations, Academic