Bungee jumping in the abyss: working through issues of the mind, heart and guts after awakening

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Nixon, Gary
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In this article, challenges after awakening are considered. While being in the awakened flow can be very captivating, we see issues of the mind, the heart, and the guts may still emerge that need to be worked through. The mind can fixate on the witness state or attach itself to nothingness or to the concept of awakening. These fixated positions, beneath which lay the dark emotions of the heart, must be recognized, openly embraced and collapsed. By burning through the stories around these emotions, we can reclaim our openness of the heart and our ability to come from a place of love rather than from the illusion of the separate self. Connecting with all at a gut level, we can be in a place of let go, no longer grasping at self survival as we embrace existence in each moment.
Permission to include this article granted by Dr. Gary Nixon, editor of Paradoxica
Awakening , Emotions , Nondual wisdom & psychotherapy
Nixon, G. (2011). Bungee jumping in the abyss: Working through issues of the mind, heart and guts after awakening. Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology, 3. (off of Paradoxica.ca)