Rood, Stewart


Recent Submissions

  • Hauer, F. Richard; Locke, Harvey; Dreitz, Victoria J.; Hebblewhite, Mark; Lowe, Winsor H.; Muhfield, Clint C.; Nelson, Cara R.; Proctor, Michael F.; Rood, Stewart B. (American Association for the Advancement of ScienceArts and ScienceDepartment of Biological SciencesUniversity of MontanaUniversity of Lethbridge, 2016)
    Gravel-bed river floodplains in mountain landscapes disproportionately concentrate diverse habitats, nutrient cycling, productivity of biota, and species interactions. Although stream ecologists know that river channel ...
  • Rood, Stewart B.; Mahoney, John M. (Lethbridge, AB : University of Lethbridge, 1991Faculty of Arts and ScienceBiological SciencesUniversity of Lethbridge, 1991-02)
    Proceedings of the University of Lethbridge conference, May 4 to 6, 1990.