How Financial Planners Can Collaborate with Professional Counselors

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Taylor, Terra D.
Bernes, Kerry B.
Gunn, Thelma
Nixon, Gary
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Financial Planning Association
Financial planners are dealing with more than just money. Clients are increasingly seeking the advice of financial planners for financial situations that are intrinsically interwoven with personal and psychological issues. Some financial planners may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of personal issues, while others may feel that they do not have the time to effectively deal with these issues. This paper examines the melding of financial concerns with personal issues and how they subsequently lead to the need for referral and collaboration between financial planners and psychologists.
Permission to include in repository granted by the Financial Planning Association.
Counseling Practice , Counseling
Taylor, T. D., Bernes, K. B., Gunn, T., & Nixon, G. (2005, April). How financial planners can collaborate with professional counselors. Journal of Financial Planners [online].