Introducing System Theory Using "Ordinary People": a Resource for Educators

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Wiens, Tenley J.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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The intent of my Master of Counselling final project is to offer instructors a teaching resource, based on a classic film, for when they want to shift their students’ conceptualizations of clinical cases from an individual focus to a family systems perspective. Within this project, the film Ordinary People (Paramount Pictures, & Redford, 1980) is introduced as a strategy to guide instructors in helping students to identify and analyze how patterns of behaviour within a family maintain problems, and how, from a systemic view, those patterns may be adapted to better serve each member. With this foundational knowledge of family systems theories, students have increased options for understanding their client’s issues, and creating appropriate treatment plans.
ix, 78 leaves ; 29 cm
Family psychotherapy , Family systems theory , Dysfunctional families