Families and children : responses to wildfires, links to community resiliency

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Pujadas Botey, Anna
Townshend, Ivan
Awosoga, Olu A.
Shepard, Blythe
Reimer, William
Edge, Dana
Lightfoot, Nancy
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University of Lethbridge
The May 2011 Slave Lake wildfires were unprecedented event in recent provincial and national history. They provide dramatic examples of the general increase in the number and intensity of wildfires specifically and natural disasters in general. It is prudent, therefore, to learn as much as we can from those who have experienced this event in order to improve our understanding and responses to such disasters.
Slave Lake Fire 2011 , Community resiliency--Alberta--Slave Lake , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Psychological aspects , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Social aspects
Kulig, J., Pujadas-Botey, A., Townshend, I., Awosoga, O., Shepard, B., Edge, D., Reimer, W., Lightfoot, N. (2012). Families and Children: Responses to Wildfires, Links to Community Resiliency. Lethbridge, Alberta. University of Lethbridge.