Families and children : responses to wildfires--links to community resiliency

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Pujadas Botey, Anna
Townshend, Ivan
Awosoga, Olu A.
Shepard, Blythe
Edge, Dana
Reimer, William
Lightfoot, Nancy
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University of Lethbridge
Understanding the impacts of wildfires on families and children is in its infancy. The mixed methods study reported here offers insights and perspectives that can be considered for future research on the topic. Simultaneously, continuing to examine resiliency within communities that are challenged by adversity will also enhance our understanding of topics vital to disaster planning and mitigation. In this way, we can identify services and policies that will be useful for health and human services, community development and disaster management.
Slave Lake Fire 2011 , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Social aspects , Slave Lake Fire 2011--Psychological aspects , Resiliency--Research , Community resiliency--Research
Kulig, J., Pujadas Botey, A., Townshend, I., Awosoga, O., Shepard, B., Reimer, W., Edge, D., & Lightfoot, N. (2012). Families and Children: Responses to Wildfires—Links to Community Resiliency. Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge