Levels of risk: Perspectives of the Lost Creek fire

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Edge, Dana
Reimer, William
Townshend, Ivan
Lightfoot, Nancy
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Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Risk has been considered as the probability of experiencing adverse events. Understanding risk and vulnerability is essential to disaster management and recovery. Through qualitative interviews in a community that experienced a wildfire, ‘at-risk’ and ‘feeling at-risk’ themes were identified for both the individuals and community in this study. Internal and external circumstances along with varying levels of dependence influenced the reports of risk. Individual and community risk during a major wildfire is discussed in order to explain links to community resiliency. Such understandings can aid in the development of appropriate measures to reduce short- and long-term impacts from natural disasters.
levels of risk , Lost Creek , resiliency , disaster management
Kulig, J., Edge, D., Reimer, W., Townshend, I., & Lightfoot, N. (2009). Levels of Risk: Perspectives of the Lost Creek Fire. Australian Journal of Emergency Management, 24(2), 33-39.