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    Experience and place-making in contested forests
    (2016) Asselin, Jodie
    This piece examines narratives of place from diverse actors who engage with forests in the Yukon Territory, Canada. In examining personal stories of forest experience, I show how a single locality can be multiple places. In addition, this work focuses on the ways in which stories of experience are also expressions of legitimacy and belonging. What is shown are the varied mechanisms of engagement, the diverse places created, and the voices which are at once individual and influenced by a broader social context. As educators I argue we need to examine overlapping narratives of place. Through focusing on experience the intersecting nature of different localities becomes clear. As does the necessity to situate such narratives within their broader context, one within which experience is a key aspect of determining the legitimacy of land-use voices
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    Outdoor women: thinking about gender, self, and environment through outdoor enskillment programs
    (University of Victoria Libraries, 2019) Asselin, Jodie
    Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a North American program that focuses on developing hunting, fishing and wilderness skills among women. BOW participant engagement offers a window onto gendered responses to environmental uncertainty, an awareness of the constraints of illegitimate peripheral participation, and multifaceted self-expression. Through their own bodily engagement and dialogues, participants disassembled the dualisms inherent in single-gender-dominated activities such as hunting. The contrasting desires, incentives and apprehensions of BOW participants were shared through an active process of self-reflection and reveal the ways in which this group of women navigated the tensions that are part of their daily lives.