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    Economic implications of the asocial society: a scoping review of loneliness among young adults across the life course
    (University of Lethbridge, 2023) Boco, Adebiyi G.; Hallstrom, Lars K.; Ofori Dei, Samuel M.; Onyeso, Ogochukwu K.; Sowunmi, Eileen; Swanepoel, Lisa-Marie; Wilson, Brie
    Loneliness — the subjective experience of social isolation — is a pervasive social issue, negatively impacting individuals across the life course. Loneliness and its consequences have primarily been studied in older populations. Yet, recent data indicates that loneliness is on the rise among young adults globally, including in Canada. The economic consequences of loneliness among young adults are increasingly being recognized. In this scoping review, we asked what the existing research tells us about the economic impacts and dimensions of loneliness among young adults in Canada and internationally. This review mapped and synthesized the available evidence on the economic impacts of loneliness and interventions targeted to reduce loneliness in young adults (15-35 years) in Canada and globally, highlighting gaps and areas for future research.