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    Multidisciplinary graduate research conference program and abstracts : first annual GSA conference
    (Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Graduate Students Assocation, 2006, 2006-07-28) University of Lethbridge. Graduate Students Association
    The Proceedings of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Research Conference, organized by the University of Lethbridge Graduate Students Association (U of L GSA), is the outcome of the research and organizational contributions of a large number of enthusiastic graduate students and faculty members from the University of Lethbridge. The Conference was held July 28, 2006, during the Summer semester, and was the first of its kind at the U of L. It brought together representatives of a diverse array of disciplines and interests, from Biology to Sociology and from gender issues to neuroscience. These Conference Proceedings thus showcase the diversity of research conducted at U of L. The Proceedings have four major subsections: peer reviewed abstracts of the talks and of the posters presented at the Conference; peer-reviewed graduate student articles (12); and invited articles from faculty members from several different disciplines. Initially, the editors insisted on having all references formatted according to either APA or MLA style guidelines. However, due to differences in preferred citation styles among widely divergent fields, the editors have decided to allow multiple formats within this single document, to better showcase the beauty of different stylistic patterns used within modern academia. The contributors and their coauthors hail from a variety of institutes and universities within Canada and internationally. We are very happy to have them united under our GSA banner. It has been a great pleasure and privilege for the GSA editorial board members to work with an extremely capable group of reviewers from across Canada and abroad. They were of great help in making these Proceedings a reality, and in improving the quality of the articles submitted. The GSA editorial board highly appreciates and thanks all of them for their encouragement, support and prompt responses throughout the process. The editorial board would also like to extend their gratitude to all contributors from the U of L and other institutions for their kind cooperation, patience and support; and to the executive council members of GSA, the offices of the President and Vice Presidents, and the School of Graduate Studies at the U of L for their continued encouragement and financial support for this initiative. The Proceedings will be available in both hardcopy and electronic versions. We hope that this inaugural Conference will provide the model for many excellent gatherings to come.