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    Dealing with unwanted donations: a content analysis of small academic Canadian library webpages
    (The Partnership. Provincial and Territorial Library Association of Canada, 2022) Cardozo, Paula
    While archives and special collections continue to welcome unique and valuable resources, small academic libraries can struggle with how to manage donation offers intended for their main collections. There is a need to be selective considering falling print circulation, workload increases for library personnel, and space restrictions. Additionally, limited collections funds needed for more current and higher-demand resources can be strained by the higher processing costs of donated materials. These pressures are compounded by prospective donors seeking a home for items they no longer want, a perception that small academic libraries need all donations, and a lack of understanding about the qualifications and expertise of academic library workers. Clearly communicated and regularly reviewed guidelines can help discourage unwanted donations in ways that lessen alienating our patrons. This article provides a content analysis of donations webpages from small academic libraries in Canada to identify trends and provide support for libraries reviewing their own policies and procedures in an effort to manage donor expectations.
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    "Social justice in scholarly publishing: Open access is the only way"
    (University of Lethbridge, 2019) Cardozo, Paula; Craig, Romany; Graham, Rumi Y.; Scott, David R.
    The title of this presentation is borrowed from the title of a 2017 article in The American Journal of Bioethics, which opens with the incontrovertible observation, “we live in an unequal world.” The arenas in which inequality plays out are many and varied, but one of them happens to be our intellectual heartland of scholarly publishing. If social justice is an end we believe in, then open access is a means by which we, as researchers and teachers, can meaningfully move the dial toward equality. In this talk, we sketch some ideas that show how we can do that together, and why we should try.
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    Employment negotiation behaviours of Canadian academic librarians: an exploratory study
    (The Partnership. Provincial and Territorial Library Association of Canada, 2021) Cardozo, Paula; Scott, Emma
    While a small number of studies have investigated salary negotiation in librarianship, none have focused on Canadian academic libraries. What are the motivations and barriers that impact employment-offer negotiation? When Canadian librarians negotiate, what subjects are discussed, and do they feel they were successful? This preliminary report is a descriptive summary on the results of a survey we conducted to explore the negotiation propensity and perceptions of Canadian academic librarians when presented with their most recent offer of employment. A better understanding of this topic may encourage negotiation conversations and empower librarians in future employment offer negotiations to improve salaries and working conditions.
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    Privacy praxis: engagement and agency at the threshold
    (University of Lethbridge, 2017) Cardozo, Paula
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    We need to talk about donations: policies & strategies for small academic libraries
    (University of Lethbridge Library, 2019) Cardozo, Paula