Improving teaching, learning and assessing in the visual arts

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LeGrandeur, Jennifer
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Lethbridge, Alta. : Faculty of Education
This project aims to clarify the definition of the visual arts in terms of constructs and curriculum, and the implications of this definition on pedagogy and assessment practice in the elementary generalist classroom. The identification and examination of visual arts constructs is central to the entire project, as all other decisions, pedagogically, contextually and in an assessment capacity, hinge on a clear understanding of these constructs. Further, an investigation of the historical significance of discipline-based art education, its interconnectedness with the Alberta Visual Arts Curriculum and the evidence of construct underrepresentation, provides understanding of the current state of the visual arts in many elementary generalist classrooms. Considerations of visual culture, infusing relevant and student-centered learning in visual arts education and discussion of professional development needs voiced by elementary generalists clarifies the direction that visual arts education needs to be moving in the future. The investigation of recent research and literature that supports generalist pedagogical and subject matter understandings in the visual arts, a balanced approach between intrinsic and instrumental instruction, general assessment practices, as well as the contextual nature of subject-specific assessment in the visual arts are also considered. The focuses on construct, curriculum, pedagogy, instruction, visual culture, professional development needs and authentic and contextual assessment practice provides a framework for a digital professional development resource for elementary generalists to teach the visual arts. The framework is outlined in detail, and complete digital resource on the platform has been created in response to the literature considered for this project.
Art -- Study and teaching -- Alberta , Visual learning -- Alberta , Visual literacy -- Alberta , Art and literature