Implications of counselling for members of the Netherlands Reformed Congregaton

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Howe, Gysberdina
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education
This project offers an introductory exploration of a specific religious worldview within secular, contemporary counselling approaches. My intent is to provide a specialized handbook to describe the counselling process for members of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations (NRC) community and to summarize the cultural values and religious beliefs specifically for counsellors who may work with clients from this community. I have been a member of the NRC since birth. In my experience, members of the NRC community of Southern Alberta sometimes seem reluctant to access psychotherapy, perhaps due to fear and the stigma attached to seeking professional counselling. I hope to alleviate some of these fears by providing information regarding the counselling process so that individuals from this community who are struggling with personal, social, or professional issues may obtain professional mental health guidance to work through their concerns. I provide pertinent information for therapists so they might increase their understanding of the cultural and religious aspects of this faith, in the hopes that therapists will expand their cultural competency when helping clients who come from the NRC community. There are two parts within my project. Part I consists of a literature review and description of the topic, along with an outline of the strengths and limitations of this project. Part II is a specialized, applied handbook written for NRC members to read to gain understanding of what counselling is and is not. Part II also includes a section for therapists to give them insight into the worldview of an NRC client, to help with the formation of a working alliance, and to provide information for case conceptualization work.
counselling , Netherlands Reformed Congregations , mental health , mental health education , Counseling -- Cross-Cultural studies , Holland Reformed Church , Counseling -- Religious aspects