Big boys don't cry : reflections on nurture in male culture and education

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Penton, John
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2003
This project takes on the form of a personal narrative of my life experiences as a boy, man, teacher, parent, and husband. My focus is on nurture in the male culture as it relates to a man's experience in our society. The process of intense self-reflection necessary in creating a narrative project of this type is, in itself, part of a personal defining or redefining of myself. I believe that going through such an exercise can be a very valuable teaching tool for anyone seeking to change or improve his or her life. From a teaching perspective I believe this is especially important as teaching is, or should be, a very personal experience that relies on much more than technical skill. In many respects, I believe that who we are is how we teach. This project examines male nurture from within four primary topic areas. These are: Male Suppression of Pain; Male Sensuality and Nurture; Fathers and Nurture; and Nurture and Male Teaching. Through the discussion of this issue through these topics, I hope to be able to show my audience what it is like to be a man dealing with an issue that is not traditionally considered to be within the male sphere of interest. I want to show, as well, how men are constrained in their society and culture just as many women are constrained by theirs. This is not, however, a comparison between men and women since comparisons often encourage us to emulate others rather than be true to ourselves. This personal account of my own journey as a male in our society and on the teaching profession is about what I have perceived and want rather than what I have been told to desire.
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Boys -- Education -- Social aspects , Nature and nurture , Masculinity in popular culture , Sex differences in education -- Social aspects