Poker Skills Measure (PSM)

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Leonard, Carrie A.
Staples, J.
Williams, Robert J.
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The Poker Skill Measure (PSM) (Leonard, Staples & Williams, 2014), measures respondents' current poker skill level. For each of the 35 items in this measure, respondents are presented with a poker scenario for which the respondent must decide which playing action is most appropriate. The scenarios presented increase in complexity from Scenario 1 to Scenario 35. The scenarios also vary in terms of which stage of the game is occurring (pre-flop, flop, turn, river), the documented actions or inactions of the other players at the table, the number of other players remaining in the hand (2 to 6), the amount that has been bet, and the described playing style of the opponents (tight/loose; aggressive/passive). Participants are presented with an answer sheet and the 39 page test booklet, which includes an instruction page, a glossary of terminology, and the test scenarios (items). Each scenario is presented on a single page in both, color pictorial and text. The PSM has a test re-test reliability of .82, high internal consistency (Cronbach's a = .79), and its validity is established by its significant correlation with objective measures of poker playing performance (Leonard, Staples & Williams, 2014).
Poker--Research , Poker theory , Poker skill