Reactions to the formative evaluation policy of Horizon School Division by former County of Warner educators

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Terava, Leo
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1997
With amalgamation of school districts in 1994, the southern part of the former County of Warner School Division joined with the Taber School Division to form the Horizon School Division. Policies from the two divisions were combined through the work of a policy committee. One of the most significant policies was the Horizon School Division Formative Evaluation Policy. This policy marked a dramatic change for those educators from the old County of Warner. Evaluation had been often feared and seen as punitive. This study examined the reactions of 11 former County of Warner educators to the new policy. Interviews were conducted and the results analyzed, both by examining specific questions and by examining themes that arose across the questions. The themes that arose were as follows: 1. There is still much fear amongst teachers regarding evaluation. The Horizon Formative Evaluation Policy has done much to lessen that fear. 2. Teachers are dissatisfied with incomplete or insufficient evaluation. 3. The policy promotes the treatment of teachers as professionals. Teachers are able to choose areas of perceived need and tend to focus on their students. 4. Teachers and administrators have concerns that not all involved with the policy will take it seriously and fulfil its expectations with appropriate effort. 5. Development of trust between teachers and administrators and amongst teachers themselves is essential for the policy to succeed. 6. Teachers appreciate that the policy allows the individual teacher to focus on his or her whole person and not just on their classroom situation. The key issue involved for the policy to succeed is the development and maintenence of trust amongst the educators using the policy. New administrators and teachers must be trained effectively in the use of the policy. The Horizon Formative Evaluation Policy has been received favorably for the most part by former County of Warner educators. With continued development of the necessary trust, it is expected that the policy will be a successful one.
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Horizon School Division, No. 67 , Teachers -- Rating of -- Alberta -- Taber Region