Women problem gamblers want more

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Piquette-Tomei, Noëlla A.
Dwyer, Sonya Corbin
Norman, Erika
McCaslin, Evelyn
Burnet, Jody
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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - SK
The goal of this research was to explore the perceived effectiveness and benefits of a women-only counselling group for problem gambling, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. The 14 participants in this study were drawn from those attending a weekly treatment group offered through the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. The age of the women who volunteered to participate ranged from 26 years to “70-80 years,” with the average age being 46.5 years. These volunteers were interviewed and asked questions about what they perceived as useful about the group process and why they continued to attend. In examining the value of this counselling group, issues regarding the sociocultural context in which these women are gambling were also explored by identifying the needs of this population.
Permission to include article in the University of Lethbridge Institute Repository granted by Lynn Gidluck, Director, Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).
Women gamblers -- Saskatchewan , Women gamblers -- Counseling of , Compulsive gamblers -- Saskatchewan
Piquette-Tomei, N., Dwyer, S. C., Norman, E., McCaslin, E., & Burnet, J. (2007). Women problem gamblers want more. Saskatchewan Notes [Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - SK], 6(5), 1-4.