Diving Into Assessment: LibQUAL+(TM) as a Springboard

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Harris, Lorelei
Jacobs, Leona
Seyed Mahmoud, Donna
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This poster session documents and reflects on one library’s experience diving into the realm of comprehensive assessment and evaluation from a single starting point, LibQUAL+®. The University of Lethbridge Library participated in LibQUAL+® in spring 2005, the results of which shaped 12 recommendations that created a splash for the Library and its users: changes to layout, Code of Conduct policy, collection projects, and a whole lot more. Despite a bit of turbulence in the pool and “water up the nose,” the leap was thrilling for the experience. Since no single assessment tool provides all the answers, we have gone from the 3 metre board of LibQUAL+® to the 10 metre board of ongoing assessment possibilities using both qualitative and quantitative means to evaluate the changes. We are addicted to the thrill of assessment’s potential to present the Library in a whole new way. Prepare to leave the springboard and launch your library into the realm of ongoing assessment!
Poster prepared for the Library Assessment Conference (2008) in Seattle, Washington.
Academic libraries -- Evaluation , Libraries -- Self-evaluation , LibQUAL , Poster session
Harris, L., Jacobs, L., & Seyed Mahmoud, Donna. (2008, August). Diving Into Assessment: LibQUAL+(TM) as a Springboard. Poster presented at the Library Assessment Conference, Seattle, WA.