Finding reliable on-line therapeutic writing sources : a manual for counselling professionals

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Parsons, Jennifer
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2008
On-line therapeutic writing Web sites introduce new technology for providing information about various types of writing therapy methods and for delivering related therapy. This project has two dimensions - a literature review and an applied component. The first part of the literature review presents a general overview of on-line counselling. The second part focuses on practice-based and evidence-based research on various writing therapy techniques. The final part of the literature review addresses Web site evaluation. The second part of this project responds to the virtually non-existent standards for assessing writing therapy Web sites and the need for criteria to assist counsellors interested in finding reliable on-line writing therapy Web sites. Based on the literature review a set of criteria for assessing writing therapy Web sites were established. Five of the most reliable Web sites that met the standards are discussed. Limitations of the project and recommendations for the future of writing therapy Web sites are offered. Appendix A of this project provides a manual that may be used as a reference for counsellors wishing to find reliable on-line writing therapy Web sites. The information in this manual contains the pertinent details discussed in this project.
ix, 63 leaves : col. ill. ; 28 cm. --
Written communication -- Therapeutic use , Psychotherapy -- Computer-assisted instruction , Internet in psychotherapy , Counseling -- Computer network resources