Obstacles to liberal education in the modern university

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von Heyking, John
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Southern Utah University Press
To be a teacher of the humanities at a university means participating in a community dedicated to enquiring into the good for human beings. As members of a community of teachers, scholars, and students, we share an equality on account of the fact that no individual possesses a firm grip on the truth of that good. As teachers, we are unequal to our students by virtue of the fact that we have dedicated our lives, at least to a certain extent either professionally or even in amateur fashion (in the original meaning of amateur), to the pursuit of the truth to a degree greater than others. Thus, the community a teacher shares with a student, and perhaps with other teachers, is qualified.
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Liberal education , Modern university , Humanities--Study and teaching , Learning and scholarship
“Obstacles to Liberal Education in the Modern University,” The Democratic Discourse of Liberal Education. Ed. Lee Trepanier. Cedar City, UT: Southern Utah University Press and the Grace A. Tanner Center, 2010. Pp. 134-159.