Designing lab resource manual on pain management for undergraduate nursing students

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Bhullar, Tarundeep Kaur
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Health Sciences
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences
Pain management (PM) practice in clinical practice continues to be suboptimal (Sinatra, 2010) even in the presence of various strategies and technology introduced to improve patient outcomes in better pain control and mitigate the effects of long-term opioid use. Concerning evidence in research indicates that nurses lack the essential PM knowledge and application skills to provide optimal pain care to patients (Brant et al., 2017). In order to set nursing students up for success in PM practices upon entry-to-practice, efforts must be made to train students on the latest, evidence-based PM knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide optimal pain care to patients. Teaching PM in a lab setting enables nursing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practice contexts by facilitating critical thinking skills; thus, bridging the theory-practice gap in the future generation of nursing professionals. The Master of Nursing (MN) project's goal was to design a draft lab resource manual on acute pain management for nursing instructors who will teach the 2nd-year NURS 2321- ‘Health of Persons' course at Lethbridge College, to enhance nursing students' knowledge, skills and attitudes on pain care.
nursing students , manual , lab resource , teaching resource , acute pain , pain management , pain , nursing practice , simulation method