Writing in the critical spaces : autobiographical narrative and reflective practice

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Godfrey, Tracy
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2003
Autobiographical writing is a type of narrative which focuses on making meaning of an individual's experiences. The narrative serves as a lens through which to recognize the meaningfulness of individual experiences by noting how they function as parts of a whole. Autobiographical writing is a way to write about a whole life or particular events. Schon's concept of reflective practice has become an important part of current educational dialogue and a tool for professional development (Miller, 1994). His work has encouraged teachers to move away from mechanistic approaches of their work to the use of intuition and reflection in improving their practices. I want to reflect upon my own experiences as a teacher to extract information that may further contribute to our understanding of the qualities outside of those commonly identified that are necessary to be a successful and effective teacher. I am creating, imagining and re/writing historical data by recalling details through an autobiographical narrative of significant events in my teaching. In this project, I am attempting to find my place within the larger culture of teaching so that I can reconcile issues regarding wanting to belong and not wanting to belong and wanting to be different and wanting to be the same. I look at my life experiences, my career history in the field of education, and extract experiential themes that have contributed to my commitment to the field of education. My research and writing have led me to better understand the early influences in my life that have shaped my persona as a teacher. Can I recreate myself in the present as a teacher? I believe I can and that I will because I know my story.
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Reflective teaching , Self-evaluation , Teachers -- Self-rating of , Autobiographical memory