A conversational inquiry into student assessment in school district no. 59

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Hartwell, Jillian
Deith, Marlene
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2001
This project documents an investigation of student assessment in School District #59 (Peace River South). The concern that prompted this investigation was the large number of referrals for formal assessment to the school psychologist. On her retirement, the district needed to redefine the process of student assessment and the roles of school-based and district-based educators in that process. To proceed with this investigation, the authors examined their own experiences with assessment, provided a general history of assessment, collected historical and current information on assessment in School District #59, and identified common issues from the works of noted authorities. Conversation is the primary mode of inquiry. The work consists of five chapters. Following the introductory chapter, the second chapter deals with personal reflections by the authors on their own experiences with assessment as student and teacher. The third chapter is a chronology of assessment practices and trends since 1100 B.C. This chapter includes a section on the history of assessment practices in School District #59. The fourth chapter explores the Dinner Party and is a narrative account of the thoughts and feelings of the participants within each of their conversations. In the interest of anonymity and a practical format for presenting the information, each disguised participant is invited to an imaginary dinner. The final chapter is a gathering together of the thoughts and issues from the first four chapters. This final chapter also includes a section on the recommendations this investigation generates. These recommendations plus the conversations they create, will encourage a variety of assessment practices aimed at meeting student needs with confidence and efficacy.
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