Unite de travail en etudes sociales : caracteristiques des systems [sic] politiques et economiques de notre monde

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Dilworth, Ralph E
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1992
This project is a Social Studies 30 Topic A teaching unit to be used in French Immersion and francophone schools. It comprises a teaching guide, a series of transparencies and a student's booklet of readings. Topic A of Social Studies 30 inquires into contemporary political and economic systems including liberal democracies, authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, and capitalist, socialist and communist economic systems. During the course of the unit, students should acquire a knowledge of the principal characteristics, challenges and modifications of each political and economic system. The unit also attempts to develop creative and critical thinking skills and calls on students to develop the ability to take and defend a position based on their knowledge of both theory and practice. This teaching unit is divided into four modules, namely, 1) values and fundamental principles 2) Political systems 3) Economic systems 4) Present and future mutations Each module consists of three parts: a pedagogical guide setting out a step-by-step procedure for the teacher to follow: a set of transparencies which help the teacher organize the information schematically and a student's reading book which contains readings designed to supplement the texts identified as basic resources. The sources of the readings range from newspaper and periodical articles to official publications and excerpts from texts and other works. The teacher's guide explains the philosophy which undergirds the various activities proposed as well as furnishes blue~prints for each lesson. There is an attempt to keep the lessons provocative and participatory in order to facilitate retention by the students and to foster dialogue and critical thought. AS the preface points out, the author takes full responsibility for the contents of both the teacher's guide and the student's reading booklet. The latter instrument contains a number of articles taken from other sources including books, periodicals and newspapers. Those not in French were translated by Nicole Kunzle. The author, however, in addition to writing all articles not attributed to another source, edited all translations and thereby takes responsibility for their accuracy.
2 v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Social sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Alberta , Social sciences -- Curriculum planning (Secondary) -- Alberta , Social sciences -- Lesson planning (Secondary) , Political science , Economics , French language -- Non-fiction