4MAT : applying a learning style system to create interesting and innovative presentations

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Craven, Sandra E
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2000
Unlike a large percentage of the population, I have always found it very comfortable and natural to be in front of an audience. Therefore, I am constantly surprised at the negative and often fearful reactions of many when they are required so to do. Effective oral communication and teamwork skills are essential and invaluable tools in both the education system and the workplace. This is evidenced by the fact that Department of Learning has mandated Speaking and Representation as part of Alberta's Language Arts Curriculum. Furthermore, the Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills Profile lists teamwork as one of the three critical skills required for success in the Canadian workplace. (Appendix 1)1 firmly believe that the 4MAT System provides a vehicle by which these skills can be acquired, therefore it has been incorporated into my Language Arts/Social Studies Program both at the planning stage and at the student level. Implementation of Dr. Bernice McCarthy's 4MAT System at the student level, specifically as it relates to making oral presentations, is the focus of this project. Because students at the Junior High level are extremely self-conscious, therefore reluctant to be singled out, students are introduced to oral presentations using the 4MAT System in a less threatening situation, that of cooperative learning. The purpose of this project is three fold: 1) to improve student communication and presentation skills using the 4MAT System. 2) to teach students to honor their own learning styles while becoming more adept in the other three quadrants of the 4MAT System. 3) to improve teamwork skills in a cooperative learning environment.
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4MAT system , Instructional systems , Oral communication -- Study and teaching (Secondary)