A patchwork of friends : an intergenerational project

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St. John, Jo Ann
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2002
This project discusses the potential of schools to be venues or meeting places where people of different ages and generations can connect in order to support the "raising of a child." It describes one such venture, A Patchwork of Friends -An Intergenerational Project, conducted in a grade two classroom at an elementary school in southern Alberta during May and June 2000. The project involved natural or adopted grandparents, who participated for six weeks in a variety of literacy, craft and technology activities alongside one or two students for one and one-half hour weekly visits. Many theme activities and lessons relating to various elementary curriculums were implemented before, during and after the project was completed. This study attempted to ascertain to what extent participation in this type of program affected the views and attitudes of the children and grandparents involved. Methods of investigation included interviewing the children and grandparents, recording observations and comments, writing anecdotal notes, and examining the reflections written by students about the project. The findings from the study indicate that this program positively affected the views and attitudes of not only the children, but also the grandparents who were involved in this project. Such an intergenerational program was a rewarding, worthwhile and vibrant part of the school life for all who participated.
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Education, Elementary -- Activity programs , Grandparent and child , Intergenerational relations