Pedagogical interchanges on identity : an email correspondence

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Colburn, Heather
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2003
A series of fifteen email interchanges provided a qualitative research environment in which to engage in authentic communication about the people and events that have shaped my correspondent and me as both teachers and learners, and provided us with the opportunity to share, and to reflect on, the same roles as school administrators. In telling the stories of our personal and working lives, we examined, and better understood, the experiences that have shaped our identities. The purpose of the project was to explore what our lifewriting reveals to us about our identity. It brought to light the learning that takes place as we reconsidered our views of our educational experiences, parent-child relationships, and our own professional working realities. In doing this project, I wanted to find out what it was about the history of my life that made me choose the path of teacher, and then the one of administrator, and shaped my identity in these roles. I wanted to recognize and understand the effects of the people, events, and themes that shaped my identity, and continue to shape my identity in those roles and in others. I was most interested in the journey, the dynamics of the letter writing relationship, the themes that surfaced in our writing, and the insights the interchanges would provide.
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Teachers -- Alberta -- Attitudes , Teachers -- Alberta -- Psychology , School administrators -- Alberta -- Attitudes , School administrators -- Alberta -- Psychology , Autobiographical memory