Women in educational administration : perspectives of the rural female administrator

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Pearman, Sharidale E. E
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1999
The visibility of women in educational administration has increased only slowly in the last twenty years in rural Canada. The increase has not been commensurate with the percentage of women in the education profession. The movement of women into the highly coveted high school principalships and senior administrative positions is still relatively limited. This paper explores the historical perspectives and the conceptual frameworks of women in administration, the various barriers women face in the advancement up the educational administrative ladder, and ways to help eliminate the barriers. Furthermore, it examines the role that "feminine leadership" plays in current educational leadership theories. Much of the literature relative to this topic focuses primarily on the perspectives of urban administrators; there is a distinct lack of research on the female rural administrator. This paper outlines three case studies of three rural female administrators in Southwestern Saskatchewan, and analyzes their unique perspectives and insights. The study finds that there is an increasing proportion of women administrators in rural postings in the two school divisions researched and that female principals in these settings face a unique set of challenges that include professional isolation, heavy workloads and constant scrutiny. Although these administrators find their work very challenging, they find rewards in the personal relationships and contact with staff and students. It is hoped that an examination of this type can contribute to a critical look into the issue of the visibility of female administrators in contemporary education.
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Education, Rural -- Saskatchewan , Women school administrators -- Saskatchewan -- Case studies , Women in education -- Saskatchewan , Educational leadership -- Saskatchewan