Using the Who am I? to screen for reading recovery

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Parfrey, Deanna
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2002
Marie Clay's Reading Recovery program is a powerful but costly early reading intervention program. Prior to beginning a child's Reading Recovery Program a Reading Recovery teacher must determine which students in a Grade One population should be chosen for the program. The current method of screening students for Reading Recovery, Marie Clay'S Observation Survey, takes a considerable amount of time to administer. This quantitative study looks at the possibility of using Marion de Lemos' and Brian Doig's Who Am 1? developmental assessment to screen children for Reading Recovery. The Who Am 1? developmental assessment can be administered to the students being screened for Reading Recovery in a fraction of the time that is takes to administered the Observation Survey. This study was conducted to determine whether there was a statistically significant difference between the Who Am 1? scores of the Reading Recovery students and the non-Reading Recovery students. A statistical difference was found on some components of the Who Am 1? However, due to the limited number of participants (15) used in this study, there was not enough data to make a conclusive decision regarding the use of the Who Am 1? to determine which students should be chosen for Reading Recovery. Instead, the statistically significant difference found between the Who Am 1? scores of the Reading Recovery and non-Reading Recovery students has resulted in a recommendation to pursue this study on a much larger scale.
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Reading (Elementary) , Reading -- Remedial teaching , Reading readiness