Lifework : learning and teaching through drama : a culminating creative project

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Wright, F. Michael
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1994
Learning and teaching through drama is the focus of this research. The first half of the project focuses on an interpretation of the students' experience. Being in a drama class is unlike being in other classes in school in some important ways: students experience a strong sense of belonging, of ownership of the curriculum, of being heard. They see drama as an opportunity to learn about themselves and, in so doing, learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual in the class. This awareness helps them to overcome the alienation that they feel in some other classes in school. Students indicated that drama helps them become more accepting of other points of view. Through the interview with Karen, the drama teacher who participated in the project, we learn of the intentionality with which teachers guide students through the dramatic experience. Students are encouraged to question, challenge assumptions, and reflect on their own lives as a basis for their work in drama. In so doing, they gain confidence in themselves, and an appreciation of the pluralistic nature of our society. The second half of the project explores parallels between drama education and critical pedagogy. Through reference to the experience of drama students and teachers, and to Ira Shor's book Critical Teaching and Everyday Life (1980), parallels between drama education and critical pedagogy are made. It becomes apparent that learning and teaching through drama can be a means to critically view our world. Using some of the frameworks that Shor suggests, the project explores ways in which drama education and critical pedagogy enable students and teachers to work together in connected and meaningful ways.
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Drama -- Study and teaching , Drama in education , Critical pedagogy