Understanding site-based administration and teacher development

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Davidoff, Barry William
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1999
The purpose of this study was to construct a framework for understanding leadership and its effect on teacher development. Current restructuring initiatives being imposed by the Province, School Division and community stakeholders appear to require educational leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote site-based decision-making as a means to facilitate change. This study attempts to examine the nature ofleadership style, its affects on school culture, and its effects on the personal and professional lives of teachers. Two hypotheses guided this study. Regarding the first, it has been demonstrated that the conscious and unconscious actions ofleaders directly affect the culture ofthe school. These can be described in part using terms and constructs from anthropological research. In reference to the second hypothesis, this study offers some descriptions of how social interactions and school administration affect the personal and professional lives of teachers. The study was conducted under the assumption that teacher development is a process of personal development, where behaviors and beliefs are closely linked together. While many administrators may believe that transformational cultures create the most effective means for facilitating personal and professional development, it is the conclusion ofthis researcher that the administrators in this study have adhered to transactional orientations and generally have an observable dependency on 'canned' solutions to complex problems.
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School management and organization -- Alberta -- Decision making , School management and organization , Teacher-administrator relationships , Leadership , Teachers -- In-service training , High schools -- Administration , High schools -- Alberta -- Administration