Assessing administrators' perceptions and practice of supportive supervision

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Ramrattan, Narsh
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Lethbridge, Alta. :|bUniversity of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education,|c2011
Recently there has been much interest in defining effective practice for principals, and, in particular, the role of the principal in encouraging and supporting growth in teachers. In this project I have employed a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses to explore the concept of supportive supervisory practices from the perspective of administrators. Specifically, the administrators I chose for inclusion in this study were those that were identified by their colleagues and supervisors as having made a positive impact on the growth and development of teachers under their supervision. Through interviews with five administrators representing a couple of rural school divisions in Alberta I have explored how effective administrators view the practice of supervision. During these interviews I asked administrators specific questions to determine how significant a role they thought teacher supervision played in their administrative duties. Further, I encouraged administrators to elaborate on what strategies and structures they found the most conducive to encouraging and supporting teacher growth. Based on their responses, I have made some suggestions as to how principals can actively and effectively support teacher growth. Some of these strategies involve creating specific structures conducive to helping teachers while others involve processes that engage teachers in reflecting on their practice. In presenting these findings I propose a model for teacher growth that employs an assessment for learning philosophy and process.
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School management and organization -- Alberta , School principals -- Alberta -- Interviews , Teachers -- Alberta -- Evaluation , Teachers -- Alberta -- Rating of , Educational evaluation -- Alberta