Why Indigenous wisdom matters : Finding Turtle Island : a narrative

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Dansereau, Jayme
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Lethbridge, Alta. :|bUniversity of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education,|c2011
Indigenous wisdom enhances knowing and understanding of the earth and it is prudent to be guided by Indigenous wisdom in a time of ecological crisis. Through storytelling Indigenous wisdom offers messages of hope to the world in this struggle for harmony. There is an Ojibwa prophecy that states, "… look for a turtle-shaped island that is linked to the purification of the earth” (Benton-Banai, 1979). Easter Island (Rapa Nui), remotely located in the South Pacific, is a turtle-shaped island. This mysterious island’s stone monuments and wooden tablets are a seal about to be opened by a meek child. This project is a fictional narrative of one child’s journey of self-discovery. In Finding Turtle Island, this child, Hotu-iti, struggles to belong to a foreign island in 18th century Polynesia. The islanders are also struggling amidst a war to keep their ancient ways and protect their land. It takes the wisdom of a child hidden in a cave to lead the islanders to restoration. The story is filled with mysteries unraveled and epic adventures. This contextual narrative reflects transferable Indigenous values to help guide the renewal of the earth.
xvi, 119 leaves ; 29 cm
Traditional ecological knowledge , Indigenous peoples -- Ecology , Indigenous peoples -- Fiction