Curriculum scope and sequence for teaching applications : information communication technology

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Nelson, Catherine Ann
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2000.
This project consists of two components: The first component in print form provides rationale, background, related literature and survey information. The second component is the development of a scope and sequence website. This website, the main product of this project, is available on the attached CDRom. The question which provided the genesis for this project was: Which skills, content, assessment strategies, time frame and format will provide the most practical and productive scope and sequence for implementation of the two Integrated Resource Packages, (now called Resource Books): Applied Skills K to 7: Technology Education Component and Information Technology K to 7, mandated for use in public schools by the British Columbia Ministry of Education? These Resource Books do not provide a scope and sequence framework. They contain limited teaching strategies, assessment information and resources. A review of current literature and information from two teacher and two student surveys, indicated the need for a practical framework of scope and sequence. My search for existing information for such a scope and sequence led to print sources and websites throughout British Columbia and Canada, and into the U.S.A. I wrote my scope and sequence as a website using the following three sources, with permission, as basis: Mountain Brook City Schools Technology Scope & Sequence; Learning Outcomes: School District No. 5 Scope & Sequence; School District No. 6 Paired Activities for Simplified Technology Skills Scope & Sequence. The grids, descriptors, examples of teaching strategies, assessment information and additional resources on the website will allow teachers to understand the continuum of skill and concept introduction, reinforcement and independent use. Also outlined are attainable implementation goals, with practical suggestions. It is my hope that this scope and sequence website will prove useful to teachers for curriculum and professional development planning and will truly enhance learning through technology.
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Educational technology , Teaching -- Aids and devices