Teacher advisor programs : building relationships

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Primas, Erin
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2008
Teacher Advisor programs have been implemented in junior high schools, middle schools, and high schools to build relationships with students, increase student academic success, increase the social skills of students, and provide an opportunity for students to interact positively with other students in the school. The focus of the teacher advisor program is typically in an area the school wishes to improve. Each school implements activities to achieve the predetermined goal. For example, a teacher advisor program could focus on: academic success, building relationships, or anti bullying. Each school designs activities, schedules, and groupings to achieve the specific goal( s) of the teacher advisor program. Once the initial reason for the teacher advisor program has been met, the program can be adapted or changed to incorporate and achieve new goals. Tuxedo Park School (a pseudonym) has focused on using the newly implemented teacher advisor program to build relationships among students, parents, and teachers. The school has introduced a number of new activities to build these relationships, as well as created a Teacher Advisor Professional Learning Community to discuss issues, solve problems that may occur, document ideas and strategies, discuss how students are participating and reacting to the activities, discuss and improve problems teachers are having, and offer any suggestions for any improvements that can be made to the program. This project, Teacher Advisor Programs: Building Relationships, will identify and describe different activities that have been implemented at Tuxedo Park SchooL how students have reacted to activities, and how teachers are responding to the teacher advisor program. Through documents, pictures, descriptions of activities, time lines, and an I web site, this project will describe how Tuxedo Park's Teacher Advisor Program was started, and what modifications were made to ensure that the program's goal of building relationships is occurring.
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Educational counseling , Teacher-student relationships , Counseling , Teacher participation in educational counseling